Sweden lists its entire country on Airbnb, so we need to go there immediately

Reason 1,000,001 to plan a vacation ASAP: The entire country of Sweden is listed on Airbnb. Although this sounds like a massive screw up that will result in some unfortunate individual losing their job, it’s actually legitimate. As part of a major tourism campaign, Sweden wants whoever so chooses to visit and indulge in its forests, ocean views and national parks.

Apparently, the gorgeous Scandinavian country is out to be the world’s golden child. For starters, Sweden is so good at recycling that its taking on trash from other countries to show ’em how it’s done. And with this incredible listing, Sweden is officially one of the coolest places available on Airbnb that also happens to be a whole country.

Sweetest deal EVER.

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If you are enthusiastically packing your bags and scrolling Sweden’s Airbnb listing as we speak, you’re probably not alone.

As Fast Company reports, there are actually nine Airbnb listings in Sweden that include a rustic retreat in Varmland, a rocky island escape in Stockholm and a Lapland pad that overlooks the mountains.

Jenny Kaiser, president of Visit Sweden’s US office, confirmed that there’s been no money exchange between the country and the popular online community marketplace.

“As the initiative is a pure branding campaign for Sweden as a destination, the partnership is strategic for both parties and no payment has been done from/to either side,” Kaiser said.

This isn’t the first extreme of generosity demonstrated by a Scandinavian country. Last year, Norway tried its best to give Finland a mountain, only to have its heartfelt birthday gift brutally rebuffed.