Sweaters for our coffee mugs? Oh, we’ve been waiting for you.

So can we all pretty much agree that cozying up in a warm sweater with a blanket, a book, and a cup of coffee is heaven on Earth? But have you ever stopped to think that maybe your coffee mug itself could be cozier? Enter Mug Sweaters, designed to keep all beverages as comfortable and fashionable as possible.

The Etsy shop Mug Sweaters has everything you need to dress your boring, white ceramic mugs up for everyday life. These Mug Sweaters are beverage sleeves, like koozies, that fit around your regular coffee mug and not only make them look smart but protect your palms from that hot ceramic. Also, I mean they’re just adorable even if you aren’t drinking something hot.

The Mug Sweaters come with mug arms and tiny little knit mug mittens, making it look like the mugs are always giving themselves a great big hug. There’s also an option for a “Kangaroo Mug” which comes with a pouch to keep a tea bag nice and cozy, too. The mug even comes with “a hand-cut baby kangaroo card” so you don’t have to worry about making a joey yourself.

And, let’s not forget the Kangaroo Pocket option that makes your mugs look like tiny little OWLS.

If you want to take a crack at knitting one of these for yourself, Mug Sweaters has an option to buy the pattern and DIY it — or KIY, knit it yourself. The Mug Sweaters are also perfectly priced around $20, and you can ask for certain color combinations, or even monograms knit onto the front. Sounds like my mug collection is about to get a brand new wardrobe.

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