Sweater nails are taking over the Internet, making us feel endlessly cozy

Sweaters might not seem like an obvious choice for beauty inspo, but some creative artists have found a way to do it. That’s right, sweater nails are here. Before you get visions of fuzzy, dingy nails (that sounds dubious for sure), think less about the feel and more about the look.

On a scale of 1 to absolutely ridiculously cute and you need them in your life, how awesome are these for an easy winter nail look? Nylon reported on the trend with a great vision of winter too, and it has us wanting to knit!

They make us want to get warm and cozy and curl up next to the fire with a good book. Actually, I so rarely get to bundle up in chunky cable knits in my drought-ridden LA, this nail art is the perfect alternative to make me feel like winter is actually here.  

Sweater nails are best done with gel polish and a nail dotting tool, and it can be created with as many shades as you want — or as little, since the art relies on simply texturizing the polish to mimic the look of your favorite cable-knit. The focus is also more about pattern than color, so your nails can be as subtle or as dramatic as you see fit.

Check out a full tutorial from one of our Nails of the Day contributors (who was cable-knitting her nails all the way back in January).

(Featured image via Lucy’s Stash Pro@lucysstash)


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