Whoa, this sweater has a 1,000+ person waitlist. Here’s why.

Somewhere, in this big, giant world, exists a sweater. . . the sweater. The sweater that is worshipped by women everywhere for its beauty and intrigue. The sweater that has more than 1,000 people on its wait list. No, it’s not made of gold, nor does it change color to match your outfit perfectly, nor does it have a mind of its own. It’s just a perfectly ordinary, crew-neck sweater that’s just really, really darn cute.

The “.01 The Sweater” by Zady was introduced last fall as part of their The Essentials collection, and the Internet lost its mind. It sold out within 48 hours of the first two installments, according to Elle, and over 1,000 fans signed up on the waitlist. Costing $160, the sweater is all kinds of versatile — it is perfect for layering, but still can keep you warm if you decide to wear it all on its own. It’s not too tight, nor too loose, and can be thus worn in the office, out on the town, or as a cozy Netflix sweater.

TBH, we get it — it DOES seem like the perfect layering sweater that’s simple, classy, and cute. Sweaters are in abundance in fall, but the *perfect* sweater is quite the holy grail indeed.

As you’d probably expect, it’s been sold out for some time. . . but guys, the .01 The Sweater is coming back. And soon! Tomorrow, October 11th, as a matter of fact, so you might want to set an alarm, because you can expect over a thousand people to jump on that sweater like it’s the end of the world. In fact, we can’t help but wonder if Zady has some extra tech people on their team for Sunday to make sure the site doesn’t crash from all the traffic.

Either way, if you’ve been one of the thousand on the wait list or you just fell head-over-heels while reading this article, make sure to hit the site tomorrow and get it while you still can!

(Image via Zady, Twitter)

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