You need this swearing coloring book in your life, because it’s effing rad

Cursing may be wrong, but sometimes it just feels so right. After a bad day, one simple, monosyllabic, cacophonous AF curse word can release a truckload of frustration. It can allow us to express exactly how we feel, to release the negativity that’s welled up inside of us. Cursing is, basically, an instant (and effortless) form of stress relief. So, what could be better?

A swear word coloring book – that’s what!

Etsy artist Sarah Bigwood (of PixieRah Designs) has combined cursing with one of our favorite 2015 trends: adult coloring books! In a series of pages featuring beautiful, hand-drawn script and floral designs, Bigwood portrayed some popular swear words that are just waiting to be colored in. Out of all the designs, our personal favorite is “Bollocks” because it reminds us of the time Kate Winslet shouts this word in The Holiday, one of our fave holiday movies. (You get a thumbs up if you know exactly what scene we’re referring to.)

(Also, just a warning, there be swear words ahead, so if you are a young human or at work, maybe don’t keep scrolling.)

After a successful Kickstarter that helped her raise £13,710, Bigwood was able to design her 20-page book filled with sweet swears. If you want to see the full list of words that will be included, you can click here and scroll down. In the meantime, let’s just say that many terms are bit naughty.

Since the book is currently in pre-sale and won’t be printed until January, that leaves us with plenty of time to imagine how wonderful this craft will be. Just think: anytime something horrible happens and you want to curse, you can instead smile knowingly because, when you get home, you are definitely going to color your feelings away.

Plus, this $16.35 item serves as a creative, inexpensive form of therapy you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home… with fun, rainbow markers!

Essentially, this is one coloring book we never knew we needed.

[Images via Etsy]

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