Here’s what 20 pounds of crystal lingerie looks like on a Victoria’s Secret model

On the list of things we’ve never wondered about but are now quite pleased to know, what a Victoria’s Secret model looks like draped in twenty pounds of crystal lingerie is possibly at the very top. At least, we can’t think of anything off the cuff that hits that intersection of “I have never once in my life had this question” and “I’m so delighted that this exists” more perfectly than this Swarovski crystal covered lingerie look. While there’s some debate about what Victoria’s secret actually is (whether it’s ‘three people on planet earth fit into these bras’ or the reality behind their quote body positivity campaigns), we now think her secret is definitely this lingerie set.

Seriously. If we owned something this valuable and — let’s be honest — shiny, we would keep it secret and safe.

Ummm, this speaks to our roots in bedazzling, only about two thousand times more glam, and we kind of love it? Apparently, this set is adorned with over 450,000 Swarovski crystals. We’re only looking at a picture, but we’re already worried about losing the stones and/or breaking it into a million pieces.

Hats off to Josephine Skriver, the Victoria’s Secret model who’s graceful and poised enough to wear *twenty pounds* of lingerie (we’ve heard sex burns a lot of calories, but this seems excessive) and still kill it on the catwalk. A TRUE hero. And, based on her Instagram, she’s totally looking forward to wearing this baby in Paris!

Now the real question is — how long does this get up to take on and off? Inquiring minds need to know.

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