Suzie Hardy, Ryan Seacrest’s accuser, has filed an official police report against him, saying, “Stop trying to bully me”

In November of 2017, news broke that a former E! employee had accused Ryan Seacrest of sexual harassment. On February 26th, 2018, Suzie Hardy came forward as the accuser, alleging that Seacrest harassed her while she worked at the network between 2007 to 2012. Seacrest denied all claims, stating, “I treat all my colleagues with kindness, dignity, and understanding, as this is a principle that’s core to who I am. […] I’m distraught that anyone or any situation would call that into question. I’m proud of my workplace reputation, and believe my track record will speak for itself.”

E! also allegedly conducted an internal investigation on the matter, ultimately standing by their star and saying that they “found insufficient evidence to support the claims against Seacrest.” The host even worked the 2018 Oscars red carpet — much to the dismay of some celebrities.

But it looks as though the situation doesn’t end there. Hardy has officially filed a formal police report against Seacrest, as well as penned a powerful essay for The Hollywood Reporter documenting why she decided to do so — and how Seacrest and E! have manipulated the facts to discredit her. false

“All I wanted was an apology, some validation and some real action to protect women in the workplace,” Hardy wrote. “[…] Sadly, NBC did not interview 10 of the witnesses I provided, including my therapist and my boyfriend at the time. After closing the books on its ‘inconclusive’ investigation, NBC refused to provide me with any of its findings or even the HR reports from my 2012 claims.”

She continued, “Ryan chose to take this public, not me. But I will not stand by silently and let Ryan or the sycophants that employ him get away with this. Not when teenagers, with their voices shaking, can speak up to Congress on gun control. I can face this too! […] Everyone in Hollywood who stands by Ryan now is choosing not to believe me. That includes every guest on his shows, every studio and network that does business with him, every celebrity who talks to him on a red carpet. Know that this is a choice you are making.”

She also noted that, "Ryan's team of lawyers, who are also representing Harvey Weinstein, do not intimidate me. If Ryan is so innocent, why hasn't he called me a liar or sued me or presented evidence of my so-called extortion plot?"

In late February, a spokesperson for E! told that, “E!’s investigation was extremely comprehensive and thorough.”

We’ll be following this case as it unfolds.

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