Suzette Quintanilla defended Cardi B and Kim Kardashian in honor of Selena

We live in a world where everything is up for debate. And this week is no different. When Cardi B called herself the “trap Selena,” people were angry, saying she has no right to say that — even though she’s Afro-Latina. The same happened with Kim Kardashian, who dressed up as Selena for Halloween, as part of her “music icon” series of costumes. However, in response to this outrage, Suzette Quintanilla defended Kim Kardashian and Cardi B while on air on Power 106’s The Cruz Show, where she laid down the truth.

Suzette doesn’t see Cardi B’s reference, or Kim’s costume, as an insult. In her eyes, it shows the power of Selena and the reach she had beyond the Latin community. In the interview, Suzette says,

"I think it’s an honor because it just shows that Selena is a legend and she’s being recognized — not just in the Latino community or in Latin music, she’s worldwide."

Suzette talked about Jennifer Lopez in the interview as well, referencing when the performer paid tribute to Selena at the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards. Suzette thought it was important and represented something bigger that reached beyond that performance. She continues,

"When an artist is performing Selena’s song and dressing...almost how she [would have], that is an honor. It is out of respect that they’re doing it."

This is the same reason that Suzette supports Kim. In fact, the Kardashians are OG Selena fans, which makes sense because who ISN’T a Selena fan? During the interview, Suzette adds,

"A lot of people don’t know this, but I’m really good friends with Adrienne Bailon. And Adrienne, at the time, remember back in the day, she was dating Rob? Well, we were on the phone…And she had Rob on the phone, and then Kourtney and all them were in the background; they were all singing my sister’s music. They’re big fans of our music from way back. So to have [Kim] dress like that, it wasn’t really a big surprise for me. It was definitely a great honor.

So now that we’ve got that cleared up, we can officially gush over how much we love Cardi B and Kim K’s Selena look. Because the queen has spoken, and her name is Suzette Quintanilla.

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