Suzanne Collins just penned a perfect goodbye to ‘The Hunger Games’

Though the final book of the Hunger Games trilogy was published in 2010, the series didn’t really come to an end until last week, when The Mockingjay: Part 2 — the final film adaptation of the series — was released in theaters. Until then, we were all able to live in the world of Panem, excited for the next great chapter to unfold on the big screen. And while we can still watch the films and read the books over and over, Suzanne Collins is finished with the series once and for all. And now, we’re crying over her absolutely beautiful goodbye letter on Scholastic’s site, dedicated to her beloved series, her fans, and everyone who has taken part in making the Hunger Games films a reality.

“Having spent the last decade in Panem, it’s time to move on to other lands,” she wrote. “But before I do, I’d like to say a tremendous thank you to everyone associated with the film franchise.”

She expressed her gratitude to the directors, screenwriters, and production team for all their hard work. “I’m thrilled with how this quartet of films, which I find both faithful to the books and innovative in its own right, has been brought to life on the screen,” she wrote.

She also thanked Jennifer Lawrence for bringing Katniss Everdeen to life:

Can’t argue about J-Law’s amazingness, TBH. But she also made sure to highlight the rest of the cast, expressing that she would replace absolutely no one if given the chance. “I don’t think there’s a weak link in the chain, and what an exquisite chain it is,” she wrote. “. . .You blow me away with your ability to bring out the humanity of these characters.”

Suzanne also touched upon the importance of the series to her, and why she wrote it in the first place. “For me, The Hunger Games Trilogy is part of a larger goal to introduce the ideas of just war theory to young audiences,” she wrote, “but how much wider and more varied an audience came with the films, and the credit for that goes to all of you who contributed so much to this project.”

Finally, she thanked the readers and viewers that “accompanied Katniss on her journey,” telling them that they are “truly a vital part of the experience.”

And of course, she ended it with a line that got us right in the feels: “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

What a perfect tribute to a beautiful series. We’re sad that Hunger Games has come to an end, but it will be something we forever cherish thanks to Suzanne Collins and her brilliance. Hunger Games movie marathon, anyone?

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