Sutton Foster just opened up about what it was really like being on the “Gilmore Girls” set

Sutton Foster, the star of TV Land’s Younger, just lived out one of the dreams of Gilmore Girls fangirls everywhere, thanks to a connection she had with Amy Sherman-Palladino through the work she did on Amy’s witty ballet drama, Bunheads, which only aired for one season.

Like any Gilmore Girls fan worth her salt, Sutton followed the ups and downs of Rory’s and Lorelei’s lives from her couch. And she has to be more excited than most about its return to the small screen because, well, she’s in it! Apparently, she’s going to be playing an actress in a Stars Hollows musical theater production, and she totally gushed about being on set with the rest of the Gilmore Girls cast. “It was, like, four of the most surreal days of my life,” Sutton recently told Decider at Austin’s ATX Festival. “It was so cool. I didn’t want them to end. To go from the fan on the couch and then to be then there…And it was such an honor for that show and they really celebrated it. Really just some of the best days I’ve ever had.” We hear you, Sutton, we’d feel exactly the same way! Although the first thing we’d do if we got on set is wander into Luke’s diner and order up a nice big cup of coffee. The Netflix revival, which is said to be titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, is rumored to be coming out later this year (but we’re still waiting impatiently for an official release date). We (and surely Sutton too!) can’t wait!

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