Just some super-cool ways to make every day feel like Earth Day

It may be Earth Day, but technically it’s Earth Year. Every single day is another opportunity to give back to this sweet, sweet floating sphere we live on. You don’t need to major in environmental science to preserve the beauty of this here planet. There are so many little ways you can do your part to reduce waste, preserve energy, support sustainability and keep our planet in tact. The best part? You can get really creative in the process. Here are some super-simple ways to make Earth Day part of your everyday routine.

All hail the houseplant

Let’s start with a suggestion made to me by a 7-year-old I consulted: “If you look at a plant, you will think about the Earth.” Good point! Plus, if you get into the whole gardening thing, you can also look into regenerating new plants from clippings of existing ones.  Check out this HG piece if you want to know more about which houseplants work best for your particular home setting. (Personally, I’ve had the most luck with Pothos plants.)

Purchase items that help sustainability efforts

BeadforLife is a company that empowers women in poverty-stricken areas by creating worldwide markets for beaded jewelry made from paper. The materials are all recycled and the women who make them provide an income for their families. I have a BeadForLife bracelet that I’ve worn since 2007 and it makes me feel connected, helpful, and good.

Use technology to help save energy

We all know about the importance of energy efficient lightbulbs. But do you know about Wink? I outfitted my phone with the app, which allows you to control energy-efficient LED lights from my smart phone. (Plus you feel like a superhero or spy). So, if you get to work and realize you left your lights on at home, you can turn it off via an app on your smart phone.  I mean, that’s just mad boss.  Also useful if you want to scare your roommate.

Rethink your to-go lunch

Takeout containers produce a lot of waste. You’d be surprised how much planning your meals helps the environment. Pack that sammie, folks. Also, pack it smart. Life Factory makes awesome eco friendly to-go items. Their reusable glass four-pack containers are perfect for storing your lunch for the day. They also double as bakeware. Oh, and here’s a recipe for Takeout Fakeout Pad Thai by Jill Niver.  Don’t forget forks and knives.  I like to be prepared with sustainable stuff by Bambu.

DIY your pad

These plantable confetti hearts are to LIVE for.  They are made using recycled paper with a blend of wildflower seeds.  What a nice addition to the party you are hosting with all your mason jars. You can also grow your own cotton with an adorable kit by Loomstate.  Like, how cool would it be to make something out of cotton you GREW? And if you’re thinking of redecorating, consider going with handmade furniture using repurposed wood from local artisans. You can ask around your social network for potential Aiden Shaws, or just hit up Etsy’s handmade furniture section. You’ll be helping out an artisan, your community, and your environment.

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