The sustainable puffer coat that’s keeping me warm this winter

I hate the cold—there, I said it. Every winter my skin goes into mourning and I can feel every cell in my body cursing me for choosing to live in New York City. I always joke that I didn’t evolve to survive in cold weathers. After all, I’m Mexican—I should be living on a beach or in a desert! But, alas, I find myself in the Northeast braving winter winds and wearing ski goggles to prevent my eyes from tearing up and my mascara from running (yes, I am that person). Needless to say, every year I need to bundle up with the best puffer coats, winter boots, fleece-lined pants, and other winter gear. Guys, to me this is about survival.

However, I am always looking for ways to be a more conscious consumer, so when I got an email from Gap pitching a sustainable puffer coat my ears perked up. The puffer coat is made from 40 discarded plastic bottles and is 100% recycled, poly-fill, lining, and shell. **Ears perk up a little more** Plus, Gap said that the puffer coat also has a smooth water-resistant exterior and fleece-lined pockets, so it’s eco-friendly and claims to be warm. I wanted to see if it lived up to my winter needs, so I requested a coat to start testing, and I’m so pleased to report that it’s an incredible coat.

Gap Upcycled Puffer


$84 (orig. $168)
Shop it Available at Gap

I’ve worn it when it’s slightly cold, frigid, snowing, and drizzling, and at times I need to unzip the front because I feel myself sweating. If the wind is particularly strong, I use the drawstrings to tighten the hoodie and make a knot to further protect my neck, chin, and mouth area. The sleeves have ribbed-knit cuffs to prevent the cold from creeping up my arms, and because the pockets are fleece-lined, I can stick my glove-less hands into them to keep them nice and toasty.

This puffer coat is available in seven colors (black, blue, fuchsia, green, red, yellow, and violet), so if you prefer a pop of color to a traditional black, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The zipper and trim are not sustainable, though, as currently those can’t be sourced from recycled materials, and Gap’s website says that its resolution is to find eco-friendly options for the buttons and the 5% of the fabric that isn’t made from recycled materials yet. I appreciate brands that take concrete steps towards a more sustainable future, and I love it when they are transparent about the work they still need to achieve.

This puffer coat has officially replaced my old one and is currently my go-to piece whenever I see that the weather is a little yucky. I like its loose fit that keeps me warm without making me feel like I’m suffocating, I like that it matches with everything I own, and I love that it’s made with our planet in mind.

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