We’re not worthy of this incredible sushi pie

We had no idea sushi was capable of becoming even more appealing than it already is. But it happened. Sushi just got better.

Upshout has brought our attention to a new kind of way to serve sushi (or at least new to us), and we’re so into it. It’s sushi… in the shape of a pie. SUSHI PIE! It’s like eating a pie and sushi at the same time, except it tastes like sushi. Not pie.

And the best part? It seems pretty easy to make. To prove it, here are some instructions, accompanied by sushi visuals provided by Upshout.

1. Grab some seaweed (probably not directly from the ocean), and use your baking form as a guide to cut it into a pie shape.


2. Chop half a cucumber and sushi-grade salmon into small pieces (or whatever vegetable and fish you want to use). We’re not the boss of you.


3. Chop up two avocados, and try not to eat them (because that’s def what we would do).


4. Whip up some mayonnaise and wasabi together in a bowl for some added deliciousness and spice.


5. Start layering, and don’t stop until you have a sushi pie.


6. Remove your creation out of the baking form. We’ve come this far… so do it gently. Sushi pie is fragile.


7. High five yourself because you just made sushi pie!


8. Eat sushi pie.