The sushi donut is now a thing, and we’re all about it

We’re super into food trends, probably because growing up is rough and playing with our food (in an Instagrammable way, of course!) is one way to make sure we stay young at heart. The newest food trend combines two of our fave classics: sushi and donuts.

Now, let’s get this clear right away: this is not to say that these are sweet, sugary donuts made with fish, because that would be taking the whole food mash-up trend a little bit too far (at least for us). This trend takes traditional sushi ingredients and simply shapes them in the form of donuts. Let’s take a look at some photos from the Instagram account of @sobeautifullyraw, the ‘grammer who first brought sushi donuts to our attention:

Aren’t they beautiful? They look absolutely delicious. The ones that @sobeautifully raw makes are vegan, and she makes them by putting rice in a donut mold and decorating with ginger, wasabe, black sesame, cashew mayo, and avocado.

By searching the #sushidonut hashtag, we can see that even Whole Foods is getting in on the trend:

There are also pictures of donuts that look like sushi, but don’t get confused — for now, we’re talking about sushi in the shape of donuts, and not the other way around.

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