There’s now a sushi croissant (and we’re not sure if we’d be down to try it)

There are some crazy food ideas that were birthed from a place of pure genius, like the Cronut from pastry chef Dominique Ansel (which you can totally make at home, btw). But this one from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in California has us scratching our heads. Meet the sushi croissant, which is exactly what it sounds like: sushi placed inside a croissant.

Apparently, the masterminds behind the sushi croissant made it one day because they were just really bored (and we imagine very hungry). “It’s fucking weird, insanely delicious and it sticks a thumb in the face of pastry tradition,” the creators told the A.V. Club. Well, when you put it like that, how could we not at least try it?

We already know Mr. Holmes Bakehouse makes killer baked goods and croissants, so the question is how they would taste with sushi. The sushi in this croissant is made with smoked salmon, baked seaweed, and pickled ginger. It’s topped with sesame seeds, furikake, and chopped seaweed. Of course, it’s also served with soy sauce and wasabi if you so wish.

The good news is, it only costs $5, so worse comes to worse, you don’t like it and give it to someone else to finish. You’ll only be $5 short.

From the outside it looks pretty innocent, doesn’t it? But it’s the inside that sort of freaks us out, if we’re being honest.

But, hey, we’ll try anything once! Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, we’re on our way over.