Sushi burritos are about to change our whole lives

Burritos are great. Burritos are basically life. Now, this mantra has gotten even better, because sushi burritos are a thing that exist, and the world is a wonderful place. The sushi burrito craze that started in the past few months is now REALLY taking flight: Its most recent entry goes by the alias “sushito” and now it’s weird to think of a world before this invention.

Though there have been multiple versions of sushi burritos popping up around the country (mostly in California, many by way of food truck), the sushito comes to us from Unami Sushi restaurant in Springfield, Oregon. The owner, Toby, said he got a request from a Cali visitor who wanted the ‘extreme burrito.’ Toby assumed it was a joke at first, but after talking to the customer (who was just passing through), he realized that it could in fact be a real delicious thing. The customer explained that this type of giant, carefully-all-together sushi roll was already a hit back where he was from (San Francisco’s Sushirrito claims to be the “original” sushi burrito, but who are we to judge) and Toby decided he would make it happen in Oregon too. And, soon, the rest of the United States—and MAYBE THE WORLD.

Sushitos (and all sushi burritos) are just what you’d imagine: They take all the components of sushi rolls—sushi rice, fish of varying types, sauces, seaweed—and form them into one tidy wrap. They are most commonly loaded with your delicious sushi-roll classics like spicy tuna, eel and avocado, cucumber slices, crabmeat, though some chefs get crazy creative with combinations, including deep-fried concoctions and super-spicy versions.

Unami Sushi currently has 19 different sushito options on the menu, including octopus nigiri and a vegetarian Teriyaki Tofu. According to its Facebook page, the establishment also features a drive-thru, so you might not even have to get out of your car to snag a sushito. The dream.

And there’s good news for everyone who doesn’t live in Oregon or California — Unami is slowly expanding. They’re still just in Oregon, but have plans for more locations, or as I like to think of it: Sushito World Domination. Plus, considering how exciting the very concept of a sushi burrito must be to all humans, it seems likely that more establishments will jump on the ‘rito bandwagon as well and there will be sushi burritos for all.

Please, if you’re out there food gods, let our wide-reaching sushito dreams come true.

Images via here.