Susan Olsen, aka Cindy Brady, shared the best advice that Florence Henderson ever gave her

We’re all mourning the loss of the wonderful Florence Henderson, aka the original Carol Brady. Henderson passed away at age 82 in Los Angeles after suffering heart failure.

We were moved recently to hear according to Susan Olsen, aka Cindy Brady, Florence Henderson really did feel like Olsen’s mom. As Olsen told People:

"All three of The Brady Bunch adult cast members treated us kids both as professionals and with some parental flavor thrown in. The attitude was ‘Yes, she’s playing a mom, but she is also a real mother.’ We used to go over to her house because she had kids our age. I went to several sleepovers at Florence’s house and got to see her being a mom to her kids. She was very much another mother figure."


In the tradition of good moms, Henderson gave Olsen some A+ advice.

"She taught me something very, very practical and I heeded her advice all my life. She said, ‘Try to come to the studio, on whatever job you’re doing, camera ready.’ She had her own makeup case and a lot of times she’d be doing her own makeup even though on the set of Brady Bunch we had our regular makeup people that were there every day."

And, as it turned out, Florence Henderson’s advice ended up coming in super-handy.

"...she mentioned this to me when we were doing some personal appearance and boy, maybe a couple weeks later, the whole cast were on The Bradys. We were all in Florida doing a talk show and it was raining and the show was outdoors. For some reason, the makeup person was not there: they were missing in action."

Eep! Florence Henderson, your advice is all of a sudden SUPER relevant!! And lady knew it, too.

"Florence came up to me and she said, ‘See, we’re the only ones who are ready!’ And we were because I’d learned from her. Now, if somebody wants to adjust my makeup on set that’s fine, but I don’t want to get there and be at the mercy of a hairstylist or a makeup person."

It SHOULD be your mom (or your mom-like figure) who teaches you essential makeup advice.

We love hearing these wonderful stories about this great lady and we will miss the wonderful Florence Henderson very much.

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