Surveys say this male body type is considered the most attractive

According to Women’s Health, Planet Fitness, a gym that advocates for body acceptance, ran a survey to find out which male body type women prefer. The votes are in, and the most attractive body type is (drumroll please) the dad bod.

For those of you who aren’t up to date on the terminology, a “dad bod” is a typical male physique with up to 20 extra pounds hanging around. Planet Fitness found via their survey of 2,006 American men and women, 7 out of 10 women are more attracted to the dad bod than to washboard abs.

In 2015, The Washington Post provided a flow chart for men to figure out if they fall into dad bod territory.

The Post also concluded that in 2015, 37 percent of American males between the ages of 20-54 do indeed have dad bods. But perhaps because of the Planet Fitness survey results, the dad bod percentage will spike. Jessica Correa, senior vice president of marketing at Planet Fitness, said that the gym franchise wanted to collect this data so Planet Fitness gym members wouldn’t feel self-conscious about working out.

"Our survey results show the majority of people think positively about dad bods, and men who identify as having them are proud of who they are," she said. "That's exactly how we want all of our members to feel when they come to Planet Fitness."

The survey also concluded that 78 percent of women believe that guys with dad bods are most comfortable and confident in their own skin. And there’s really nothing more attractive than that.

And guys, if you’re still not convinced that dad bods are hot right now, almost half of the women Planet Fitness surveyed said that dad bods are the “new six-pack.” So maybe rather than staying an extra 30 minutes at the gym, buy yourself a six-pack to celebrate your dad bod instead.

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