5 Reasons You Need These Boots Now

Blame Coachella. Or boho-chic. Or the entirety of California. Or blame any one of us in the HelloGiggles office, because we all love the look. Sometime in the past decade, girls who love style started trotting out summer shoes that had previously been banished to the cold seasons, shoes that had only been worn with plush socks or thick tights to trudge around in snow. We started wearing BOOTS in the SUMMER. And thus, a style revolution was born.

Boots in summer are not entirely new, but how we’re wearing them this season is: Instead of cowboy-ish or heeled ankle styles, this year we are ALL ABOUT the flat lace-up boot. We love them patterned, we love them embellished, and we especially love them tall and versatile with cool fold-downs.

Here are 5 reasons you need lace-up boots right now:

1. They toughen up/citify any girly summer look

2. They look amazing with most outfits you own (think gauzy maxi dresses, cutoffs and tees, rompers, jeans and tanks)

3. They’re sturdier to walk in than sandals, making them ideal for city strolls and music festivals alike

4. When you start wearing them now, they’ll be perfect and broken in by fall

5. If you sign up for the JustFab VIP member special you can get TWO PAIRS of lace-up boots for just $39.95 (plus, free shipping!)

Seriously. We’ve all been fighting over these JustFab fold-down boots that came to office this week (see pic above). We’re desperate to wear the Aquarius style with a wispy sundress, a stonewash denim jacket and some very hot pink lipstick. Or with an airy white top and skinny black jeans (sexy! nighttime date!). This crochet black Ancelin style is exactly the pair to wear on a warm summer day with high-waisted shorts, a rocker tee and a favorite hat.

All of the boots in JustFab’s fall collection are unexpected and cool and show off your legs nicely but not in a “I’m showing off my legs” way. You can find even more totally chic, totally affordable looks on July 1 when JustFab opens its Boot Shop. Seriously, guys, $39.95 FOR TWO PAIRS. And did we mention there’s free shipping and free exchanges, too? Get ’em now while you still can.

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