Surprise, Surprise! Pregnancy Surprise! (There’s Two Sets of Twins Inside)

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re pregnant. Hopefully, on purpose, or hopefully, it’s a happy accident. Either way, if I were an expectant mother, I’d gets to planning. I love planning. A lot. But it takes me a long time to actually make decisions, so I would definitely need to know the gender ASAP because color schemes are about to be important. I would also really appreciate knowing exactly how many children are living in my womb, since I have neither unlimited monies nor unlimited space and Puppy Surprise was basically the biggest letdown of my childhood.

Personally, I’d prefer one at a time. Two could be fun since they’d keep each other entertained for a few years. But any more than that and … well …

“That is crazy. And might even be my nightmare,” a fellow contributor said when this story emerged.

A couple in Texas (Tressa and Manuel Montalvo, Jr.) just birthed TWO SETS of twins without the aid of fertility drugs. Time says that the odds of having quadruplets alone are one in 571,787. And the chances of four children at one time, as two sets of twins? One in 70 million. 

Tressa Montalvo is clearly a glass half-full kind of woman. Which I think is great. And yeah, I guess you could say your pregnancy “succeeded too much” if you’re one of those people who knows what the success of getting more than two puppies EVER with your Puppy Surprise(s) feels like. I’m not bitter or anything. Good luck and godspeed, Montalvos! That sh*t cray.

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