Here’s the surprise dance proposal we’ve been waiting for

When Joshua Dela Cruz asked his girlfriend and former classmate, Amanda Phillips, to help him make a professional demo reel, she said yes. But that wasn’t the only thing she would end up saying yes to that day.

OK, let’s back up. Joshua and Amanda seriously know how to get their groove on. They both graduated from Montclair State University’s theater program; Joshua is a member of the ensemble cast of “Aladdin” on Broadway, while Amanda recently finished a national tour of “White Christmas.” So pretty much, these two can dance like no tomorrow, and that’s made evident in a super adorable, charming, and talent-filled YouTube vid entitled “Like bubbles, questions get popped.”

Amanda thought she was just helping her boyfriend out with a reel, but Joshua knew better. It starts out with them, on a bench, with Amanda in a gorgeous red dress and Joshua in a classic fedora.

Then, they explode into dance to the tune “You Make Me Feel So Young” by Frank Sinatra. . . until around two minutes and 40 seconds into the video, when Joshua gives a knowing nod to the camera man. “Last time?” the cameraman suggests. So they dance again. . . but at the end, Joshua drops on one knee and pulls out a ring. And yes, there are bubbles, because of course there are bubbles.

It’s so amazing to watch these two people who are clearly madly in love dance their way into marriage. And evidently, it’s resonated with many people, because the video has been viewed over 280,000 times. Everyone loves love, guys.

(Images via YouTube)


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