These wonderful parents threw their daughter a surprise “coming out” party

We’ve made a lot of progress in 2016, but we don’t live in a perfect world yet, so for a lot of kids, coming out to their parents is still pretty scary. When 17-year-old Kinsey Ratzman decided to be open with hers, she couldn’t have anticipated the way they’d react.

Her parents didn’t just accept her, they threw her a surprise pride party — a “surpride,” if you will. false

Kinsey tweeted about the awesome party — and all the other amazing things her family did, like making sure all of the food and treats were vegan so there wouldn’t be anything she couldn’t eat — and her tweet went beyond viral. false

With over 12,000 retweets and 31,000 likes, Kinsey’s tweet has reached people all over the country…and spawned plenty of news stories and videos like this Facebook post with over 72,000 reactions and almost six million views. Woah.

The tweet had so many eyes on it that Kinsey even jokes that if she wasn’t out to everyone before, she certainly is now. false

Coming out hasn’t just opened Kinsey up to her family’s warmth, love, and support, it’s also shown her the kindness of strangers all over the world…and hopefully, her tweet has shown strangers just how kind a family can be to a child who comes out.

With all the scariness still in the world these days, every kid deserves a coming out party just like Kinsey’s — so take notes, parents!