Suri Cruise proves she’s mastered the art of voguing in Katie Holmes’ latest Insta pic

Along with the fact that she’s looking more and more like her mom every day, Suri Cruise has now mastered the art of voguing (um when did she grow up so fast?!). We heard that Katie Holmes shared a look-a-like photo with Suri in a hair salon, and this is visual evidence that the little one — well, not really little, she’s 10 — is becoming a total trendsetter! Seriously, we anticipate that she’s gonna have her own Insta account soon; full of style and flair.

We love this black and white photo with celeb hair stylist DJ Quintero, because everyone looks so happy.

And Suri is right there at the forefront, looking chic in an adorable patterned dress.


via giphySuri knows what’s up, guys. Before we know it,  she’s gonna be a full-blown teenager taking the world by storm. But in the meantime, we’re really enjoying this impossibly cute mother-daughter team.

It’s clear that Holmes is incredibly devoted to giving Suri the most normal childhood possible (which we’d imagine is a challenge, given that she’s the daughter of two world-famous celebrities). She recently shared that her directing schedule allows her to choose the windows of time that she can spend with her daughter, and that’s her utmost priority.

One thing’s for sure: Suri is lucky to have someone like Katie by her side!

Keep doing your thing, Suri. We’re for it every step of the way.

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