Meet Kuli the one-eyed, surfing cat who LOVES adventure

Nanakuli is an amazing one-eyed, surfing, adventure-seeking cat that is living the dream in Honolulu and we’re in love. 

Nanakuli, Kuli for short, was rescued by his cat-parents, Krista Littleton and Alex and Gomez when he was just a tiny kitten. But before he was even born, Krista and Alex kinda wished him into existence.

One morning over breakfast Alex joked about wanting to adopt a one-eyed cat and name him Nanakuli, because one the many translations is, “to look blind.” Krista told AdventureCats, “Alex joked about getting a one-eyed orange cat and naming him just that.”

Not long after that conversation, that exact cat came into their lives as very sick three-month-old kitten that would need surgery to remove an infected eye. The couple took Kuli home and began to nurse him back to health. At first, says Krista, “we were concerned that our new friend was not going to make it,” Littleton added. “We think part of the reason Kuli is so tolerant of water is because he had to have frequent baths due to his messy health issues.” The baths led to leash walks, which led to trips to the beach, which led to swimming with a tiny little cat life jacket. The rest is surf history.  

Kuli now regularly goes on adventures by land and sea, and is just generally living a much cooler life than the rest of us.

Follow Kuli on Instagram or email him at [email protected].

He also has pretty significant YouTube presence. I mean, if you were a one-eyed, surfing cat . . . wouldn’t you? 

[Images via Instagram]