Ah! This surfer went for an insanely large wave, and it’s almost too scary to watch

Fact: Surfers are some of the bravest souls on the planet. They may feel like their sport of choice is NBD, but we are literally shaking in our boots after seeing German surfer Sebastian Steudtner in Nazaré, Portugal riding a wave that is unbelievably massive, it’s almost too scary to watch. The mind-blowing footage was captured in October where Steudtner boldly surfed in waters that are known to produce some of the world’s most gigantic ocean waves.

So, if surfing among your bucket list items, then hooray for you! Go forth, be courageous, and become one with the ocean. But unless you’re a professional with nerves of steel and a rescue crew on standby, please stick to the baby waves and don’t even think about attempting Steudner’s insane feat.

By the time the video begins, Steudtner has already dropped pretty far down into the wave, but if you blink you’ll miss him because he’s so friggin’ tiny compared to the giant wall of water rising behind him. Just pay attention the water trail on the left side of the screen and you’ll see this ridiculously gutsy human being zip by in the nick of time:


*clutches pearls*

Steudtner’s Instagram is full of more jaw-dropping images that are equally impressive, but still really scary:

And here’s a video of Steudtner casually gliding over these waves:

While this footage is super intimidating, we totally understand why people get so much pleasure from surfing. We’d be down to give it a try (in much calmer waters, obviously) as long as no one asks us to surf in high heels.