The “Superstore” cast and crew is raising money for Hurricane Harvey victims and challenging other shows to do the same

When tragedy strikes, it’s always nice to see our celebrity faves show their support — and god knows Hurricane Harvey victims need our help. Joining other stars like Sandra Bullock and the Kardashians, America Ferrara, along with the cast of her show Superstore, have recently taken to Instagram to help raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims. And they’re encouraging their peers to join their efforts.

They’re calling their initiative #CrewsGiveAFund. America shared the initial message on her personal Instagram. In it, she challenged other shows to start their own #CrewsGiveAFund initiatives to see how much money they could all raise together.

Together, the Superstore crew called out Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jane the Virgin, Great News, and The Mindy Project, encouraging them to support their cause and start their own fundraising campaigns.

It’s all pretty inspiring stuff — and they raised a ton of money.

Lauren Ash posted their final tally on her page. Together, she and Mark McKinney announced that the cast and crew had raised just over $20,000. Wow! They’re donating the money to the Houston Food Bank (which you can donate to here).

Now it’s time to see how the other shows answer the Superstore crews’ challenge.

There is absolutely nothing fun about a devastating hurricane. What Houston and surrounding cities have experienced since the natural disaster struck is awful. So we love seeing our favorite shows doing the most they can to help out. By making it a challenge, and adding a bit of friendly competition, Superstore and the cast is making it possible for the Houston Food Bank to help even more citizens of the city.

If you’d like to help victims of the hurricane, follow that link. In the meantime, we hope the other shows respond to Superstore‘s call of action ASAP.

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