SuperShe Island is a women-only paradise in Finland where you can feel like Wonder Woman

Have you ever wished you grew up on the badass island of Themyscira like Wonder Woman? You know, the women-only island filled with Amazonian goddesses who support each other fiercely, know how to throw it down, and generally eat men for breakfast? Well, now you can. Sort of. Off the coast of Finland there’s a new, magical, women-only place called SuperShe Island, and it sounds like paradise.

SuperShe Island, which opened in late May, is the brainchild of Kristina Roth, who bought the 8.4-acre island last September to give her SuperShe women’s network an official headquarters.

According to the website, the 10-person island is equipped with four cabins and has all the amenities of a luxury resort. From kayaking to yoga to meditation to cooking classes, there are a number of activities available to strengthen your mind, body, and soul — just like every warrior princess needs.

Probably the best part? There are no men allowed. That’s right: this is a women-only island, which probably makes it the best island in the world.

The one caveat, however, is that the island is open to SuperShe members only. But the networking community, which Roth created to “to bring together badass women from around the world,” sounds pretty awesome if you want to apply to join.

Though the price tag is steep — with retreats costing up to $7,250 — the opportunity to spend time evolving with and learning from other women might just be priceless for those who are seeking a girl power adventure.

Of course, you don’t need to spend tons of $$ to have your own kind of girls-only travel experience. Overnight launched a female-only travel network last year that helps women feel more comfortable and confident about traveling by themselves. Which means you can plan your very own women-only badass retreat.

But if you do end up on SuperShe Island, you can rest assured that you won’t have to wear those Amazon warrior outfits, wondering how on earth you will pee.

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