“Supernatural’s” Jensen Ackles just wished his character a Happy Birthday in the sweetest way

It’s one of our favorite days of the year: Dean Winchester from Supernatural‘s birthday! Supernatural has been on so long that we’ve known Dean longer than we’ve known some of our friends and younger family members, so at this point he’s so near and dear to us that we almost thought about sending him a gift before remember he wasn’t real.

Plus, in honor of Dean’s birthday, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and Jensen Ackles (the actor who portrays Dean) conspired to make us cry ugly, emotional tears.

First, Eric Kripke made us weep (just a little bit, in a tough way) when he pointed out that Dean shares a birthday with Eric’s wife, and that he gave Dean her birthday as a tribute to his love for her.

It’s FINE, we’re just sobbing.

And then Jensen Ackles really wrecked us with this beautiful tweet about the character he’s called home for over a decade now.

We’re incredibly attached to Dean after watching him go through, like, fourteen birthdays, so we can’t even imagine how close to Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles must feel. Actors really get inside their characters, and it’s crazy to think how long actors on TV shows — especially uniquely long-running shows like Supernatural — spend inhabiting that single role.

We’re really thrilled to know that Dean is as much a part of Jensen and Eric’s families as he is part of ours.

Happy birthday, Dean!

We hope that in the Supernatural world, Dean is eating as much pie as his heart desires.

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