This supermom pushed her triplets in a stroller while running a half marathon

Running a half-marathon is impressive enough. Running a half-marathon while pushing three toddlers in a stroller sounds like superhero material.

Suzy Goodwin, 35, pushed her 14-month-old triplets in a triple-wide stroller while running a Halloween half-marathon in North Carolina.

“Participating in races with the stroller is great because it involves them in community and exposes the entire family to a healthy lifestyle,” Goodwin said in an interview with People. “[The triplets] like taking in the sights and sounds at a race. They typically nap really well afterward, having engaged with all of their senses.”

Goodwin told People she loves running with her babies, but it does slow her down. Around mile four, she said she needed to stop to calm down the kids after her daughter, Charlotte, stole toys and crackers from her brother. At mile seven, she had to pull over to change a diaper. “I heard the ‘I’ve pooped’ cry before I smelled it. Luckily, there was a trash can nearby!” she said.

Can anyone say #momgoals?

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