This supermodel was on “iCarly,” and we totally missed this glow-up

Ask any successful actor, model, or television personality about how they started in “the biz” and they’ll probably tell you that they guest starred on some whacky TV shows. For example, Nickelodeon’s iCarly was a springboard for many future stars — including Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, and one supermodel who’s iCarly appearance we completely missed!

Remember the Season 3 episode “iSpeed Date,” which ended with Sam being upset that Carly and Freddie were seemingly falling in love? And remember how Sam was also upset during that episode because she asked Gibby to the school dance, but he rejected her because he was dating Tasha?

And it was funny because Tasha was pretty much a model and Gibby, well, wasn’t.


Tasha might look familiar to you now because the same girl has probably appeared on your Instagram feed fairly frequently. But, she might look a little more grown up now.

She’s also going by her real name, Emily Ratajkowski.

Yeah, we’re also wondering how we completely missed that glow-up. Ratajkowski just flew under the radar!

It’s a little bit unfair that Ratajkowski was so beautiful during her “awkward 2009 early-teen stage,” but we obviously can’t hold it against her! It’s truly not her fault that she was born to be a supermodel!

When we stumbled upon this hidden iCarly guest star gem, we felt as though we had to go back and watch the episode where Ratajkowski’s celebrity career began.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find “iSpeed Date” online. So instead, here’s a YouTube compilation of Gibby and Tasha scenes set to Justin Bieber’s 2011 hit “Favorite Girl.”

As iCarly has taught us, glow-ups can happen to anyone. Get a great guest star gig on a show, and you’re on your way to the big leagues just like Emily Ratajkowski. Now, how can we get a guest star gig on Nickelodeon…

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