Supermodel Claudia Schiffer just launched her chic makeup line, but there’s a catch

When one of the world’s most renowned supermodels, Claudia Schiffer, releases a makeup collection, you’d best *believe* we’re prepping for a hole in our wallets and a dent in our shopping carts. Because if anyone knows anything about makeup, it’s a supermodel (hello, it’s part of their job!). Considering mega-model Claudia Schiffer holds the Guinness World Record as the model with the most magazine covers, we’d assume she’s a bona fide makeup expert, and that the German-born beauty’s makeup is to be nothing short of exceptional.

After teasing the collection earlier this month, Schiffer’s eponymous makeup collection is here. Released in conjunction with prestigious German makeup brand, ArtDeco Cosmetics, the goods themselves appear nothing short of supermodel-worthy (which is a tall order, friends).

The limited capsule collection also celebrates Schiffer’s 30 years in the modeling world.

As for the products themselves, there is no shortage of goodies here. For the lips, there’s a range of creamy liners and balms that appeal to every person. The multitasking liquid cheek and lip tint is quite the head-turner, as are the silky-smooth lipsticks.

Setting powders, primers, blushes, and foundation are all in the mix as well. Plus, there’s an illuminator that looks like it’ll make you glow like a straight up Greek goddess. Oh, and that’s not all folks. There are professional-grade makeup brushes, to-die-for nail polishes — the list goes on and on!

Here’s what caught our eye from the new line.

1Cream Lipstick, about $21.39

2Nail Polish, about $13.05

3Quad Eyeshadow, about $35.15

4Foundation Brush, about $23.77


Not to dampen the mood, but there’s some sour news to accompany this sweet makeup treat. If you’re obsessing over all this makeup (like us) and are ready to click “add to cart” (also us), then you’d better have some friends in Europe you trust to send it to you. Because as of right now, these babies are not available for direct shipment to the U.S.

Worry not, though. Where there’s a demand, there’s soon to be a supply, and we *hope* our endless perusing of the site will help solidify Claudia’s decision to ship to the States soon!

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