Your ’00s Superman crush Tom Welling totally transformed into a super fox

For everyone that loved Smallville growing up, Tom Welling was probably THE Superman of your youth (although, some of us ~older~ folk will always love Christopher Reeve). He was adorable, and perfectly cast as a young and brooding teenage Clark Kent.


I mean…is this not the face of the most adorable, nice, midwestern boy ever!?

And while it’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen Clark Kent’s IRL alter-ego Tom Welling, it looks like he’s doing JUST FINE. In fact, dare we say he’s looking cuter than ever?

“Ready and waiting for my cape!”

And we have to say, that salt and pepper beard (and hair) is PRETTY DAMN HOT.

In between acting, Tom seems to be enjoying some good food…

…and generally looking like he’s enjoying life.

So, we leave you with this side by side of this SUPER transformation.

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