These superhero suits are what basically every dude should wear to prom in 2017

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero for a day? Maybe for a special occasion like prom? Well, you might just be in luck! These superhero suits are what basically every dude should wear to prom in 2017.

These suits are a must-have staple for any comic book fan looking to turn up at their prom. Created by Fun Suits and sold online, these themed suits are a perfect way to stand out among your peers. No matter if you are a hardcore DC or Marvel kinda person, there is an outfit waiting or you. Their selection is filled with fan favorites.

Be aware that these suits are not for those trying to save some money. The jackets will end up costing $200, the pants around $100, and each shirt will be $40. No one said looking good is easy. But if you are already looking to spend some extra dough on an outfit, this could be a pretty great investment. An outfit for a special occasion like prom can easily turn into next year’s Halloween costume.

If you are not ready to go all out…

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be head-to-toe decked out in superhero gear. Your jacket lining can do all the talking for you. Your options are limitless when it comes to hidden treasures on the inside of your clothes.

The Fresh Prince would be proud of you.

And the best part is…

Gender has nothing to do with it! If you are a girl who wants to look fly AF at her prom or just on a regular basis, these superhero suits are for you, too.

Now everyone can strut their stuff and look amazingly similar to their favorite superheroes.