Supergoop launched the first-ever sunscreen in a mousse formula

If you find yourself struggling with the challenge of keeping yourself properly lathered in SPF without having a face full of white residue, we may have a solution for your woes. The brilliant Holly Thaggard of Supergoop is releasing an SPF setting powder as well as the first-ever sunscreen mousse infused with SPF, so you can stay protected from the sun without the greasy wash of sunscreen we’re sadly accustomed to.

The Super Power Sunscreen Mousse with SPF 50 is already available for purchase through Sephora online (it costs between $19 to $34 depending on size) and will be available in Sephora stores starting in mid-April. Besides the appeal of coming in a more delicious consistency, the whipped cream-style mousse, which is made to protect both your face and body, is also designed to encourage users to apply more SPF than usual.


You can never have too much protection.

As for the genius Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45 (it will cost $30), it is available now on The setting powder was designed specifically for those of us makeup wearers who daily face the challenging choice between reapplying our SPF and ruining our makeup, or slowly burning while looking good.

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The setting powder is a translucent (100 percent) mineral powder that can be gently brushed on your face for updated protection.


We are so relieved these products are coming out just in time for spring and summer.

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