A woman’s eyes were sealed shut after a salon used superglue for her lash extensions

Eyelash extensions have all but become the norm among beauty lovers the world over. As techniques and lash quality have improved, it’s become a go-to beauty service for people looking for a little extra oomph in the lash department—our beloved Chrissy Teigen loves lash extensions just like the rest of us. But every lash aficionado’s worst nightmare came true recently when a woman’s eyes were sealed shut after a salon used superglue to adhere eyelash extensions.

We’ve heard some beauty horror stories before, but this one takes the cake(d eyelashes). Fara Beauty Salon in Thailand shared images of a client with lash extensions that had been applied with superglue at another salon, completely sealing her eyes shut. Luckily, the technician at Fara Beauty Salon was able to help this poor woman out. Though in hindsight, we would recommend visiting a hospital if anything this serious ever happens to you.

According to PopSugar, the technician used oil to dissolve the glue and then scraped off the extensions. It looks incredibly painful and traumatic, not to mention the fact that this poor woman’s natural eyelashes were completely destroyed.

Let the nightmare of the superglued eyelash extensions be a lesson to us all.

This would not be easy to bounce back from.

Eyelash extensions are definitely not something you want to cheap out on, as tempting as it might be. It’s an investment and worth going to someone experienced, with a good reputation, and who works with high-quality materials. Let’s hope we don’t hear about this happening ever again.

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