These Supergirls just won the White House Science Fair, President Obama’s heart

Yesterday at the White House Science Fair, a group of brilliant, six-year-old Girl Scouts hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma presented their project to President Obama: a robot made from Lego blocks. Not just any ordinary Lego robot —this robot turns pages, helping people with mobility issues to read. President Obama was incredibly impressed with these girls, who proudly wore red capes over their Girl Scout vests and wowed the president with their scientific knowledge and “techno-lingo.”

The Supergirls weren’t the only gals to bring some crazy rad and useful innovations to the table. The President spent some time with some other White House science fair presenters, talking with 17-year-old Anvita Gupta, the brains behind a software that had the capability to, reportedly, “treat cancer, Ebola and other diseases.”

This event is super important, because putting more money behind the STEM educational field is a priority for the Obama administration. According to NBC, Obama has pushed for “More than $240 million in new private-sector pledges for the ‘Educate to Innovate’ campaign, including $150 million to support early-career scientists.” The Obama admin also wants at least 98 percent of the US’ population to have wireless broadband Internet available.

“It’s not enough for our country just to be proud of you. We’ve also got to support you,” Obama said. And we are totally on board with that message.

Watch a brief clip from the event right here:

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