We have some really excellent ‘Supergirl’ news!

Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, it’s just a full-season pickup for Supergirl!

This is most certainly some super news (not sorry about that pun) and not at all unexpected. Supergirl — which follows Kara Zor-El, cousin of Superman, on her ongoing quest to save the day and make a name for herself — had the highest rated fall premiere for any new show, pulling in just about 16 million views for its pilot episode. While viewers tuning in have declined a smidge, down to about 11 million per week, that’s still HUGE. And especially huge for a female-driven superhero show! This is all a step in the right direction to get more ladies kicking butt on the small screen.

CBS originally ordered 13 episodes of the series, and four have already aired (number five airs tonight). The response to not only the show, but its leading lady Melissa Benoist, has been overwhelmingly positive. It was really only a matter of time before the series snagged the second-half of its episodes, bringing it all the way through the 2016 season. Seven more episodes will be produced, with a grand total of 20 for its freshmen season. That’s still two less than the average length of a season, 22, but as The Hollywood Reporter notes, “Supergirl also requires more special effects than the average series.” It’s fine to cut two episodes if it means more of Kara flying.

Benoist herself is over the moon with the full-season pickup, and took to Twitter to share the news.

Everything about this is undeniably awesome. It’s even more awesome than watching Benoist cuddle some puppies, which is top notch in our book. You know what, the only thing that could really make this news better would be the introduction of puppies into Supergirl, but let’s save that for our Season 2 wish list.

[Image via CBS]