This supercut of movie villains will have you perfecting your evil laugh

Who’s your favorite movie villain you love to hate? Chances are they’ve made it into this mega movie mashup of villains, cut together by CLS video. We’ve got Darth Vader, we’ve got Hannibal Lecter, we’ve got Bane and Loki. But then we’ve got some surprising villains, too, like Bill Lumbergh from Office Space. He may not immediately come to mind when you think classic villains, but then again, he did makes Peter work on Saturdays. If they’ve somehow hindered the hero of our story, they’re in this video.

As CLS Video writes on their YouTube page, they’ve cut this video together which, “highlights the truly worst of the worst.” It does a pretty good job with that, showing just about every bad guy from the last fifty years of film — including those animated, those who are animals, and those out of this world. CSL video has even provided a master list of every single villain from the movies, too.

So be prepared for mild spoilers and a few quick scenes of violence (they’re villains, after all) and check out the epically evil supercut below.

(Image via YouTube.)

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