This super trendy Yorkie pup is our new style icon and we couldn’t love her more

Sometimes you just need something ridiculously adorable to take your mind off of the terrible things that exist in our world. And we have something WAY adorable to do just that. This little Instagram-famous yorkie is about as precious as it gets, and with 20k followers on Instagram she’s clearly doing something oh-so-right. As if her being a super sweet, adorable yorkie didn’t already mean she’s beyond beautiful, she’s also trendy AF. Seriously. You have to see for yourself!

Meet Willamina, aka @williecute.

HOW CUTE IS SHE? SO cute. No pup gets close to her levels of adorableness!

And she only gets cuter! Check out this stylish little thing.

Who would have thought we’d be taking style notes from a puppy?!

Ugh, she’s seriously so trendy.

Just look at that hair!! We’re awwwww-ing all over the place, and also seriously reconsidering our own locks. Maybe it’s time for a new hairstyle? We’re thinking the lob (forever our fave), or super on trend fall bangs. Thanks for the hairspiration, Willamina!

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