The Internet is crying happy tears over this super sweet MasterChef Junior moment

Need a dose of feels this Sunday? Look no further than this ultra sweet story that aired on MasterChef Junior last week.

A post by Tumblr user BooksAndWarlocks has gone totally viral about an episode of Spanish MasterChef Junior that aired on December 29th. Specifically, the post centers around Laura, an eight-year-old contestant.

“[E]ven though she’d been constantly ignored and undervalued by some of the other contestants because of her age, she was definitely one of the best,” wrote BooksAndWarlocks. “[E]veryone thought she’d definitely get to the final.”

December 29th was the semifinals, and Laura was competing when tragedy struck. “She wasn’t doing too badly until the last test, which was so hard that it had only ever been done in the grown-up [MasterChef],” wrote Marina. “[T]he contestants had to follow the instructions of a professional chef who cooked at the same time they did. . . and [L]aura. . . whose pots and pans were almost as big as she was, got burnt.”

Laura kept on working through the pain, knowing getting it treated would take up a lot of time during the test, but the pain was too much for her. “[S]he was fighting back tears, and even the judges were starting to get worried,” Marina wrote. But then, another little cook decided to save the day at the risk of losing the competition himself. . . and, well, we won’t ruin it for you.

Check out Marina’s retelling below, and be prepared for your heart to grow three sizes. (You can watch the full clip in Spanish here!)

(Image via Tumblr.)

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