The Super Snow Moon is basically the Marie Kondo of full moons, so prepare accordingly

The full moon is always fruitful. It’s a time of reckoning and truth, when we look back on what we’ve achieved since the New Moon; it also serves to illuminate certain areas that we either want to focus more on or let go altogether. This month’s full moon, rising on February 18th and peaking in the wee hours of February 19th, is a Super Snow Moon; it’s “super” because the moon is at its closest point in its orbit to Earth, and, according to, it’s known as the snow moon because typically we receive the most snow around this time of year (and, yeah, ain’t that the truth).

The Super Snow Moon lands in Virgo, the efficient perfectionist of the zodiac. Think: purging, organizing, and attempting to bring order and clarity to all aspects of our lives, including our feelings. And, speaking of feelings, this full moon is also occurring in Pisces season, astrology’s feelingest feeler. Put these together, and you have a full moon that urges us to come up with strategies and coping mechanisms when it comes to our emotions, dreams, and goals. We might not be where we want to be (yet), but we can find the tools to help us keep it together and get us to where we want to go.

As for the snow? Well, it’s on the mend, friends. Let us take this time to hunker down and get still. Here’s what else this Super Snow Moon has in store for your zodiac sign.


You like learning new things, Aries. How can you learn more about yourself during this transit? Which areas of your life have you been ignoring? Leave no stone unturned. Your insights will give you relief.


It’s time to consider the most pragmatic solution to what ails you, Taurus. It might not be the sexiest option, but it will help keep you moving forward. Look at what makes the most sense and do it.


This is an opportunity for you to view criticism as growth, Gemini. While you hate to be “wrong,” humility is one of the keys to moving ahead, and so is acknowledging that there’s an alternative way of doing things that still fits your vision.


Don’t be so hard on yourself during this time, Cancer. It’s easy for you to point out your shortcomings, but how is that serving you? Instead, look at how far you’ve come and get excited about where you’re headed next.


How can you add structure to your life, Leo? While you thrive on spontaneity, now is a great time to explore how discipline can also serve your passionate personality. What checks and balances can you make?


Where can you loosen up a bit, Virgo? You’re excellent at organization and purifying, but where can you let go? How can you fully accept and love where you’re at in life without any fussing and messing? Because that’s self-love.


Whatever comes your way during this time, Libra, you’re being called to handle it with your trademark diplomacy and some logical thinking. What is the best solution for the highest good of all, no matter how emotional the situation might be?


It’s time to find clarity, Scorpio. Typically, you analyze and research the heck out of a subject, but how can you ease up on your process? How can you balance both knowledge and intuition? Clarity comes with facts and being true to ourselves.


Where do you see yourself in six months, Sag? In a year? Your big dreams need some practicality in order to become real. This is your time to learn how you can both aim high while also systemically building for your future.


Don’t get so down on yourself, Cap. You’re doing better than you give yourself credit for. Don’t measure your success on numbers and stats, but how you feel about it. Your emotions are an important metric. Honor them and yourself.


You’re brimming with a new idea, Aquarius, but you might be stuck on how to make it real. How might you be able to stay true to your grassroots ways while also bringing some grounded-ness to your high-flying dreams? It’s okay to play by the rules sometimes.


This time is all about building a solid base for making your most fanciful dreams come true, Pisces. Which new routines do you need to introduce to your life to make your goals actionable? Finding balance will go a long way for you.

It’s time to tidy up, bbs. Whether that means your closet, your feelings, or your routines, by introducing organization and balance into our lives, we can make solid strides in grounding ourselves and making our lives more functional and fulfilling.

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