Use these Super Snow Moon rituals to boost your creative energy and build confidence

It’s that time of the month again—a time of action, passion, and energy. The Super Snow Moon will peak at 10:53 a.m. EST on February 19th and we should be prepared to feel some serious power. If you’re ready and willing to put the super moon to work, we have a few rituals that might just help you reset, energize your creativity, and promote self-confidence to pursue whatever endeavor enters your path.

When the moon—either full or new—is categorized as a super moon, it is reaching the closest point to Earth in its orbit (called “perigee”). Full super moons oftentimes appear larger and brighter than regular full moons, and February’s is actually the brightest super moon we’ll see all year.

Some spiritual and magical practitioners believe that super moons are more powerful than regular new or full moons, and there may be some science to back up their claims. Super moons have been proven to cause higher tides (called “perigean tides”), due to the fact that the moon’s gravitational pull is at its strongest when at perigee. And some even claim that super moons can cause volcanic eruptions and earthquakes—although the science is admittedly a bit shaky, no pun intended.

But knowing that super moons have some effect on natural forces means that it can do wonders in our magical practices. So let’s harness that energy and use it to the fullest.

Cleanse and charge your tools.

Because the upcoming full moon is a super moon, it’s going to appear bigger and brighter in the sky. Although the super moon differs from a regular full moon mainly in appearance, some practitioners believe a super moon packs a bit more of an energetic punch, which can be used to enhance spells or rituals and/or cleanse tools and sacred objects.

To use the super moon to cleanse and charge your magical tools, be those crystals, wands, blades, or books, find a place in your home exposed to moonlight. Leave your tools to bask in the moonlight throughout the entirety of the super moon—24 hours before and 24 hours after. The moon’s energy is believed to purify and ready your objects for magical use.

You’re not limited to cleansing only magical tools, though. Ask the moon to cleanse and energize anything you hold dear: a journal, a good luck charm, an heirloom necklace. Make your intentions clear and let the moon work its magic.

Commit to giving life to a stagnant project.

It’s during a full moon when our psychic energies and mental/physical activity are at their peak. Now is the time to recommit—like actually this time—to a project that has fallen by the wayside.

Take an hour or more on Monday or Tuesday to tune into said project, undistracted. If you’re entering back into a creative venture, turn off your phone, close your inbox, and tell your roommates to buzz off for a while (nicely, of course). Put some time into that essay you’ve been procrastinating. Add some brush strokes to that painting that’s been sitting there. Go back to that song that stumped you ages ago.

If a creative or personal project isn’t currently in the works, get started on one or prepare yourself to get going. Give your workspace, altar, or creative zone a much-needed cleanup. Dust off the things that inspire you. Make plans and write them down on a sticky note to tack to your mirror. Set that thing into motion and don’t get caught up on the small details that weigh you down.

Think of the super moon as a huge breath of fresh air, helping you to look at something differently. If you remain open-minded, you might just have a brain blast.

Perform a spell to promote good health.

Although Sundays are usually the preferred day to perform healing spells and rituals, Tuesday, the day on which the Super Snow Moon will technically occur, is a day of building strength within your body and mind. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use the power of the super moon on Tuesday to perform a health/confidence-boosting spell.

Gillian Kemp writes in her book The Good Spell Book: Love Charms, Magical Cures, And Other Practical Sorcery that the Romany gypsies often used clear quartz crystal balls for clairvoyance practices. Clear quartz is used in a myriad of different spells and rituals as it intensifies all energies and intentions. Kemp writes that one should first wash a piece of clear quartz with soap and water (salt water works, too) to begin a healing ritual.

Then, hold the quartz in both hands and, with eyes closed, imagine being bathed in white light (perhaps moonlight?). Point the crystal to a part of your body that needs healing, or point it to many areas, symbolizing overall wellness. Imagine pure, confidence-enhancing light is traveling from the crystal into your body. Sleep with the quartz under your pillow until the next time you partake in this ritual.

Make a super moon elixir.

Guys, this may be the simplest super moon ritual you can do that will really do wonders for your magical practice and/or everyday life. Collect water from a live water source, such as a running river, the ocean, or spring water (bottled spring water will work fine as well), and pour it into a clear glass container.

Leave the water to soak in the moonlight for at least 48 hours, preferably without the lid—this is similar to charging a magical object. You can also infuse your water with different herbs that hold different properties (lavender for relaxation, bay for legal success, eucalyptus for healing, coriander for love, etc.), and dropping a clear quartz, rose quartz, or moonstone into your elixir will help to boost potency.

Once the super moon has passed, this elixir can be used within spellwork and scrying, can be added to ritual baths or teas (depending on the herbs you put into it), or you can even use it as you would perfume, dabbing it on pressure points to enhance your confidence throughout the day. Store the water in your fridge and, if you can, transfer it into an opaque container or wrap it in dark fabric to keep the energy inside.

Really, you should enjoy the Super Snow Moon any way you can. It will be a magical sight to see.

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