Here’s a super quick guide for getting through this Mercury Retrograde

Alright, guys. IT’S GO TIME. Mercury Retrograde is back and badder than ever — and during the holidays, no less! It’s just not cool for Mercury to be such an attention hog, right?! Well, what’s done is done (sigh) and now we’re getting ready to do what we do best: fight back. So with the help of stellar astrologer Jessica Adams, we are going to get a game plan going by having some of our most pressing planetary questions answered.

1. When does December Mercury Retrograde begin and end? 

Mercury Retrograde runs from December 2nd through January 27th with a shadow at either end.

2. What exactly does this shadow mean for us? 

The shadow is when life appears to be running normally in terms of announcements, appointments, organization — but it will soon reverse or slow down.

3. What specifically can we expect during this whole entire cycle?

Typical outcomes of this cycle are reversed decisions, delays with delivery, product recall, election recounts, retracted statements, computer and telephone hacking, transport strikes, and extreme weather.

4. Since Retrograde is occurring during the holidays and New Year, what should we do?!

The holiday and New Year period will be more chaotic than usual so allow extra time when going anywhere and read the fine print on terms and conditions with purchases, airline and hotel bookings.

5. Is there anything you recommend we do during this Retrograde?

It’s a great time to rehearse productions, engage in beta testing of new products, create a first and second draft of an article, book, or even tweet. It’s a good time to go over old documents and paperwork, as sometimes lost objects turn up now. It’s not so great for anything brand new as it may go through a few changes or standstills!

You can learn more about the extraordinary Jessica Adams here. On her website, you can also read her horoscopes, peruse her astrology blog, and even purchase one of her books.