This jaw-dropping video of a super mom wrangling four babies at once is going viral

At only 26, Corrie Whyte is the mom to a two-year-old daughter plus 8-month-old triplets. While that may sound overwhelming, Corrie is crushing the parenthood thing, as evidenced by a YouTube video that shows off her mad skills at readying her kids for bedtime. With nearly half a million views in just a few days, the video is totally going viral. Probably because we’re in awe of Corrie. She’s a legit superhero.

Corrie spoke to ABC News and was quick to say that she’d never be able to handle things without the support of her husband and partner, Dan Gibson. “To know you can rely on each other is helpful and makes life a lot easier. Dan is an amazing dad who has been involved in every way from the very beginning and I always say if Dan wasn’t there I wouldn’t have made it out of the hospital.”

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