BRB, playing this futuristic Super Mario 64 update for the rest of the day

There’s something incredibly nostalgic about the graphics in old school video games. There’s no use in even trying to fight the memories that come rushing back every time you see Donkey Kong in 8-bit. But, there’s also something super awesome about an updated HD version of your favorite video game, especially when it involves Super Mario. Now, how about we don’t just talk about this idea, but actually play it?

There’s one video game lover we really love today, and his name is Erik Roystan Ross. The Daily Dot reports, the computer science student put his skills to use in creating an entirely HD level of Super Mario 64, which was originally released in 1996. Now, thanks to him, almost 20 years later you can play a HD version right on your own computer. YES. THE FUTURE IS NOW.

Ross has re-created the opening level of Super Mario, Bomb-Omb Battlefield, and it can be played on Mac, Windows and Linux, and you can even play it right on your browser if you download the game’s plug-in. There’s no charge to play this, since it’s not for commercial purposes. It’s simply for the love of Mario.

This new HD level is basically built right over the old ’96 version, and everything looks so much smoother and prettier. Super Mario never had awful graphics, and they still hold up pretty well today. But now there are no more jagged edges and abrupt lines which made the game look so (adorably) clunky. There’s also a newly updated soundtrack, too, which brings back so many Mario feels. Just check out the trailer of the level, and let the memory of long hours in front of the Nintendo come rushing back.

Basically, the long and the short of it is this: if you’re having trouble reaching any of your friends today, it’s because they’re too busy playing Mario. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Monday afternoon.

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