Here’s a Super Mario Bros. stop-motion film made out of Rubik’s cubes and it’s absolutely genius

Well, this is absolutely genius: Someone created a Super Mario Bros. stop motion film with Rubik’s cubes and it’s majorly impressive. How they managed to harness this amount of patience and concentration is something that boggles the mind. We’re still trying to figure out how so many people keep breaking Rubik’s cube world records but that minor task is clearly no match for these fantastic filmmakers.

According to Laughing Squid, the Synchronicity professional juggling studio is responsible for this most unique and original Super Mario Bros. production, which features hundreds of Rubik’s cubes perfectly arranged in our favorite video game character’s likeness.

The video opens with an overhead view of the Rubik’s cubes with the white surfaces facing up, which is actually impressive all on its own.


But then this happens and we can’t even.

At this point, they’re just showing off.

Ha! Fooled ya. They’re just getting started.

If you can handle this much genius in one sitting, here’s the full video, which also features the Super Mario Bros. theme song because of course it does:

AH-MAZING. Seriously, our minds could never.

So, we have a few random questions. Did these filmmakers partner with the folks who created those amazing Super Mario Bros. corn mazes? Do they dream in Rubik’s cube? Is this some sort of digital trickery that fooled our eyes into believing this is real life, because we’re seriously blown away right now.

If this Super Mario Bros. crocheted map took over 800 hours to create, we can’t even fathom how much time and effort went into this film, but we’re guessing it was a lot more energy than we’ve ever exerted when trying to save the princess.