This super helpful YouTube video shows how to keep foundation on your nose all day, because the struggle is very real

Applying makeup is (supposed to be) a fun part of  life, but sometimes that pesky foundation just doesn’t look the same on our face midway through the day. As in, it rubs off! So much UGH. If you can relate, don’t despair.

Professional makeup artist Nikkia Joy created a video tutorial about how to stop foundation rubbing off your nose, and it’s full of super helpful tips.

In her lovely Australian accent, Joy describes the struggle of looking in the mirror and discovering you have a red nose (and an otherwise full face of makeup), and recognizes that oily skin can make the blending even trickier. But she goes through her own daily routine, so we can see exactly what products she uses to achieve flawless skin.

Ah, behold the reliable eye primer! That’s clearly the magic product here.

Joy emphasizes using just a little bit of it on the nose (like the amount you’d use on your eyelids). Primer is something you can find in any drugstore, so if you haven’t tried using one yet, go for it! And even if all you wear is BB cream, primer is beneficial as a base layer for your skin.

You might be thinking that Joy used too many products for you in her tutorial (and if so, we GET THAT), but if this is an issue that drives you insane, it could totally be worth giving it a shot.

Of course, it’s important to do what feels best for you and your face, but there’s nothing wrong with trying new products.

It can also be kinda fun to research and experiment with them…Kat Von D’s Lock It setting mist is a recent favorite!

If you’re looking for other makeup hacks, Joy has a slew of others on her YouTube channel including common eyeliner mistakes and the best setting powders for oily skin. Have a look, and when it comes time to apply that makeup, the most important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN!

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