The last super full moon of the year is happening this week—here’s what this means for your zodiac sign

Welcome to the last supermoon of 2020. During the super flower full moon in Scorpio, you will be tasked to transform and evolve your carnal urges. After all, Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, and taxes. And what’s a better way to reach your potential and goals than to shed your former desires through sex magic?

Sex magic is a mystical way of using the power of orgasms and self-gratification to make your dreams come true. Your ideas and incentives become part of your subconscious thought patterns, allowing you to manifest your desires. By pleasuring yourself safely and consensually, you can reach for the stars.

Below is your full moon horoscope. Make sure to check your rising sign, too.


It’s time to transform your life. Light a red candle (the color of passion) and gaze into the bright flame to ignite your dreams while you’re masturbating. This will give you the chance to transcend and move into greatness. Then you will be able to explode with bliss and happiness.  


You’re focused on one-on-one relationships at the moment, which means you’ll want to connect on a deep level with your crush. On FaceTime or IRL, look your partner in the eyes and discuss your emotions. This will help you become more aligned as a unit and stronger as a couple.  


Treat yourself to a massage. Examine your body during bath time to loosen up your trigger points and decompress through a heated rubdown. This sensual massage will release your stress and anxiety. This will be a great self-care habit to add to your daily routine.  


Let your senses guide you through this moon phase. Light a scented candle, burn incense, or hang flowers in your home. You can also play sensual music and put silky, smooth lotions over your body. Or you can treat yourself to a decadent sweet treat. You’ll be able to ignite your inner magic and other senses to manifest your desires.  


Write down your intention to ebb and flow with the current changes. Then, cross out all of the vowels in order to create your own personal sigil. When touching your body, focus on the image you’ve created. This will help you evolve and grow.  


This full moon is making you rethink your desires. Write down your goals on a piece of paper, and when you begin to pleasure yourself, focus on the words you have written. As you start climaxing, your passions will become one with your conscious thoughts, allowing you to shoot for the stars.  


You don’t have to pleasure yourself to incorporate sexy time in your life. This full moon focuses on building your self-esteem. To help, place a citrine crystal or red jasper stone on your sacral chakra (lower abdomen). This will release fear and help you go after your goals, making it possible to achieve your desires.  


It’s important for you to focus on your needs right now. Use a mirror and gaze at yourself affectionately (you can totally do this with or without clothes on). Don’t be shy about embracing your body. This practice will invite you to have a better and more loving relationship with yourself.  


Meditate on what you want to bring in and what you wish to release while focusing solely on positive sentiments. Channel these energies during your breathwork and allow them to flow throughout your body as you stretch. Journal your feels to gain clarity on your emotions and intensify your orgasms.  


This super full moon is urging you to spice up your friendships. And what’s a better way to connect and rebuild relationships than going to the astral plane? You can access the astral plane through Kundalini breathwork and meditation. Then, you make amends with your crew.


It’s time for you to get inspired. This means releasing the old to bring in the new. Place a trinket of personal significance on an altar to absorb the energy. Touch your body while envisioning your goals, connecting with your root chakra to manifest your newly found personal vibe.  


Stating your own personal mantra while climaxing will not only bring your dreams to fruition, but this tactic will help you feel more confident and able to take on the world (one orgasm at a time). Reciting positive affirmations will also add good vibes to your life and overall attitude.  

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