All The Insanely Posh Things People Are Selling on eBay

EBay is great for getting rid of old things you don’t want anymore: clothes, electronics, art, toys, sporting goods, Italian villages.. . . you know, crappy garage-sale stuff. An eBay seller, by the name of it2014.piemo (“it” for short, yes), has listed an entire Italian Alpine village for sale. For about $333,000, you could own 14 homes in Northwest Italy. Granted, the homes need some major work, but still. . .. a village.

In light of this pretty extravagant listing, we wanted to round-up some of the most over-the-top eBay auctions. So, here we go…

David Beckham’s Rolls-Royce

Dave and Vickie (that’s what I call them) sold their Rolls-Royce Phantom on eBay for $428,907. They originally bought it for $600,470, and spent thousands more having it customized. So, one lucky eBay-er really scored a deal..

Power Lunch With Warren Buffet 

An anonymous bidder paid $2.6 million for a lunch date with Berkshire Hathaway CEO, Warren Buffet (AKA the 3rd richest person in the world). The money went to charity, but for $2.6 million I hope the bidder ordered dessert.

A Gigayacht

Someone paid $140 million for a gigayacht. Oh, what’s a gigayacht? It’s a gigantic yacht. This one, in particular, is 387 feet long, has 18 rooms, a salon, a gym, a movie theater and a helicopter pad. It’s basically the White House on water.

A Private Jet

Known as Gulfstream II, this private jet sold for $4.9 million. It seats 12 people and can fly anywhere in the world. But passengers don’t get to rack up air miles, so joke’s on them!

The World’s Largest Lite-Brite

A person actually made Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper on a ginormous Lite-Brite. He did it with his hands and his patience. It went for $15,000, so probably a dollar a peg. It’s exactly like the original Last Supper. . . only brighter.

The Original Hollywood Sign 

The original 1928 Hollywood sign sold for $450,000. The seller bought the sign from a man who acquired it in 1978, when the city put up a new sign. But where does one store the Hollywood Sign? Public Storage? A really big closet?

New Zealand

An Australian man attempted to auction off New Zealand, the country. And based on the known rivalry between the two countries, it was brilliantly hilarious. The bid reached $3,000 before it was taken down for violating eBay’s policy. As it turns out, one cannot auction off a country without the consent of all of its citizens. Phew.

Shoeless Joe Jackson’s Favorite Baseball Bat

The bat was sold by Shoeless’s nephew for $577,610, making it the world’s most valuable bat. Shoeless and batless!

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