How much is the Super Bowl ring worth? The answer isn’t straightforward

There are all kinds of rewards for the team that wins the Super Bowl. Eternal glory, adoration of fans, all kinds of endorsements, free food and drinks in the city they’re from, and so on. And, of course, the Super Bowl rings! Each ring is hand-crafted and made to be personal for each player who receives one; they have their name and jersey number, and even staff members’ rings have their own je ne sais quoi (by which we mean, we literally don’t know what).

Because the rings are made for each person individually, there isn’t an exact price tag for a Super Bowl ring. But they’re probably in the $30,000 to $50,000 range.

Basically, a couple of these rings could get you a college education. But because the rings are so ~rare~ and exciting as memorabilia, especially when they belong to beloved players, and so the resale value of the rings is probably muuuuuuch higher. Like, approximately $250,000, give or take. They’re worth, uh, a bit.

In case you were wondering, Tom Brady, football superstar, has FIVE rings. More than any NFL player in the history of NFL.

Not to belittle a lifetime of hard work, but is it too late to reconsider our career paths and pursue a one as a professional football player? Not something scary that does a lot of tackling, but like, the kicker, or something less likely to result in concussion. Because any job that gives you bonus jewelry that costs as much as a house is a job we’re super interested in.

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